April 14th, 2014

Never heard Nathan mention a another platonic female best friend. Do you have more info? Xx
Asketh - Anonymous

she has a twitter account but since i dont follow her…i cant remember what her name is :p 

she’s one of the girls in the old pic of him with a bunch of girls from his school. they were having some sort of girls night in/PJ party but for some reason nathan was there with them (ngl i snorted as i typed that…only nathan…) 

all i know is, she’s currently studying in the US, so they only meet during holidays or when she’s back in the UK at the same time he has a break. (same girl who took a pic of him sleeping in her backyard with her puppy..remember that pic? it was going around tumblr quite a bit). 

also, since you are online now. can we just talk about how much jaythan withdrawal im going through right now? ughhhhh :(
Asketh - 4-blue-skies

saaammmmeeeeee. is this some kind of a test? cause it’s no fun :( and since this is the last tour…we need all the jaythan we can get before that one too, is on pause. sort it out boys! kiss and make up!


Getting this framed.


Getting this framed.

i just read the scan of the article the wanted vs the wanted. omg it was so cute and hilarious. but did you catch that bit about nathan skyping with his best friend? so does that mean betsy blue has seen max's junk? hahaha
Asketh - 4-blue-skies

oh.my.god. i was just talking about this with Ana (@maythan) and it’s hilarious that we both went straight to ‘betsy’ when we read ‘best mate’ and ‘her’. although it could be his other best mate, the 100% platonic female best friend of his whom I totally forgot what her name is (brainfart) but let’s just stick to betsy cause it’d be more hilarious and yes, that would mean she has seen max’s junk.

i am not sure if i should feel pity or envy towards her? lols.

April 13th, 2014

The Wanted - Warzone HD 4/12/14

Word Of Mouth Tour.

Tower Theater, PA.

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The Wanted - Show Me Love HD 4/12/14

Word Of Mouth Tour.

Tower Theater, PA.

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That is so mean

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The Wanted reunited.

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today a ten year old called me fat in front of the class and i told him it was because i eat all my rude students

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The entire stadium has just observed an impeccable minute’s silence in memory of the 96 fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough.